Video—Flex-Mat 3 Screening Top Soil

Major Wire’s Flex-Mat® 3 High-Performance screen media can be used for a variety of applications, such as aggregate, mining, sand & gravel, aglime, C&D recycle, coal, slag, talc, asphalt, top soil, salt, mulch, industrial minerals and green waste.

Flex-Mat 3 is constructed of polyurethane strips that bond independently vibrating wires, which vibrate at high frequencies up to 13 times greater than the standard vibration of a screen box. The frequency of the vibrating wires accelerates material stratification and dramatically increases material throughput.

Flex-Mat 3 lengthens wear life, and virtually eliminates blinding, pegging and clogging. It has had a dramatic impact on production output in more than 25,000 applications worldwide. 

Major Wire Announces New Vice President of International Sales

Major Wire announces the recent hire of Alain Durand as Vice President of International Sales. Mr. Durand has worked with Major Wire as a global market development consultant since May 2013. In his new role, he will continue to develop and manage international markets for the company, in conjunction with Germany-based Haver & Boecker, to further promote Major Wire’s industry-leading reputation and to increase sales for its Flex-Mat® 3 and OptimumWire® screen media product lines. Haver & Boecker acquired a minority share in Major Wire in 2012.

Mr. Durand brings to Major Wire a strong background, with more than 20 years of experience in the mining industry. He has held positions with Rio Tinto and Xstrata, as well as other manufacturing companies, in leadership roles involving strategic planning, operations management, finance, procurement, logistics and information technology. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1989, and has held his license as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) since 1993.

To contact Alain Durand, call (514) 501-4049 or email

Meet The Most Recent Graduates Of Major Wire’s Certified Screening Expert Training!

In addition to a quality product, your Major Wire Certified Screening Expert can offer the following to improve your screening efficiency:

  • A no-cost, professional Screening Plant Audit and report. These reports can be completed on a down day. They help identify areas that need improvement, as well as areas that are performing well.
  • A private Screen Maintenance Simplified Seminarfor your plant managers, operators and maintenance crews to teach them how to identify common screening inefficiencies that can easily be fixed, increasing your production rates and improving your operating uptime.

Maximum Throughput Via Stratification With Flex-Mat® 3

Screens are typically the bottleneck of any material processing operation. But they also can be the profit-maker – if they are separating material efficiently.  The keys are stratification and probability of separation.

Stratification is a process by which vibration in a bed of material causes larger particles to rise to the top and smaller particles to fall to the bottom.

The probability of separation occurs when particles access an opening and are either rejected (if larger than the opening) or are able to pass through.

In screening, the screen box passes its vibration to the screen media and, subsequently, the material bed flowing across the top of the media. As material travels down the length of the screen, the vibrations cause the material particles to stratify. The smaller material finds the openings in the screen media and falls through. The larger material is retained on top until it reaches the end of the screen.

How does Flex-Mat 3 affect stratification?

Flex-Mat 3 eliminates the cross wires with high wear spots common to woven wire, binding its wires with polyurethane strips. This design allows the wires to vibrate independently along the full length of the screen, directly through the strips, from hook to hook.  The vibration of Flex-Mat 3’s wires vary from 6,000 to 10,000 cycles per minute – up to 13 times greater than the standard vibration of a screen box, which is around 800 cycles per minute. The higher vibration frequency accelerates the natural stratification process of the deck bed for maximum throughput, with no carryover, resulting in a high-quality retained product.

Major Wire’s Advanced Screening Sales Training Strikes Again!

Congratulations to our latest group of graduates from the Advanced Screening Sales Training! We’re pleased to have more than 150 dealers/dealer salesmen finish the class and return to their territories to apply this high-quality experience with their screening producers.

Next, these graduates must complete the in-field-requirements of customer plant audits and SMS seminars before becoming Certified Screening Experts